Accommodations and Modifications

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Accommodations and modifications: An accommodation is a change that helps a student overcome or work around the disability. These changes are typically physical or environmental changes. Modifications are generally connected to instruction and assessment; things that can be tangibly changed or modified. Usually a modification means a change in what is being taught to or expected from the student.


Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

Martha Thurlow discusses the importance of understanding accommodations and how they should be used to give students with disabilities the same opportunities to master content standards as their non-disabled peers.



Printable list of accomodations used in the games

1. Read this web site to learn more about accommodations, modifications, and supports.

2. Use the links in this section to practice matching accommodations to behaviors that students with disabilities might display in your classroom. We have 13 different areas of concern with descriptors of student behaviors and changes teachers can do that help a student overcome or work around the disability.

  • Visual enhancement,
  • Word recognition,
  • Word recognition,
  • Listening,
  • Following Directions,
  • Alternate Response Modes,
  • Handwriting,
  • Written Expression,
  • Oral Expression,
  • Mathematics,
  • Accessibility, Behavior Management,
  • Organization of Space and Materials,
  • Time Allocation, Time Management.

Play the matching game. Enter your name to see if you earned a high score. Play as many times as you like. To play, simply drag the accommodation to the box under the behavior if you are correct then the game moves on - if you are incorrect then the game waits for you to try another choice.

Visual enhancement:

Word recognition:



Following Directions:

Alternate Response Modes:


Written Expression:

Oral Expression:



Behavior Management:

The last three games count together as one of your four games.

Organization of Space and Materials:

Time Allocation:

Time Management:

These games were developed from the resources listed in the document developed by the Accommodations and Modifications for Students with Disabilities Project through the Learning Systems Institute, Florida Department of Education.

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