Core Values Defined

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Core Values


Core Values Defined: Teachers can translate core values such as respect, responsibility, engagement into explicit expectations by routines or locations.

Determining your core values and explicit behavioral expectations based on those values are crucial to the development of a positive, productive classroom learning environment. Teachers that establish and systematically teach their students expected classroom behaviors form a predictability that can be relied upon and trusted. This process begins by determining 3-5 core values that are important within any context in the classroom or school. These values often reflect character traits such as respect, responsibility, appreciation of diversity, or cooperation. They also can include academically oriented traits such as achievement or engagement. These core values become the foundation for the school’s social/behavioral curriculum. If your school has developed core values already, it is important to use the common language across classrooms.

SCHOOL EXAMPLES (Visit Gallery) (Print Examples)

SchoolCore Values

Antrim Elementary School

Respect, Honesty, Kindness and Cooperation

Sandown North Elementary School

Safe, Trustworthy, Always Respectful and Responsible

Gardner Pilot Academy

Caring, Honesty, Respect, Responsibility, Academic Achievement

Horne Street Elementary School

Be Safe, Be Kind, Do the Right Thing

Sandown Central School (4-5)

Respect, Responsibility and Right Choices

Florence Rideout Elementary School

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe

Dr. Crisp Elementary School

Respect Others, Respect Self, Respect the Environment

Bais Hachinuch Elementary School

Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Reach Higher

Danville Elementary School

Respect Plus Responsibility = Pride

Marlborough School (K-8)

Honor, Respect, Responsibility, safety

Whitefield School (K-8)

Respect, Responsibility, Tolerance and Safety

Dever-McCormack School (K-8)

Respecting Others, Respecting Ourselves, Respecting, Our Community, Respecting Our Learning

Profile School (7-12)

Act Responsible, Be Respectful, Care and Cooperate

Pelham High School

Respect, Responsibility, Engagement

Pine Haven School

Be Kind, Be Fair, Be Safe, Be Resilient


Active Listening

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PBIS Respectful, Responsible, Safe Kind




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